Caribbean: Marine Biology Voyage

Thank you!

Friday, July 1, 2022

Dear Broadreach friends and family,

Thanks for following along on our adventures through updates and photos! As another program comes to an end, I want to wish you farewell from Broadreach for the summer. It’s so rewarding to read about all the little moments over the course of each trip and observe how your individual students have come together as a team, forming lifelong bonds and friendships. I hope this summer’s Broadreach program is marked by incredible achievements, great adventures and fantastic stories that will be told and re-told for years to come. It’s what I experienced myself over 30 years ago as a student on the first Broadreach trip, and why I am so excited to have become the owner and director of Broadreach.

All of us here at Broadreach have a strong passion for providing each and every one of our students with life-changing experiences that go well beyond any traditional camp –building a lasting foundation of skills and experiences through real-world learning and exploration while having the best summer yet. Whether it’s newfound confidence or a greater sense of purpose and ambition, you'll notice little changes in the way a Broadreacher approaches life after their program. We love hearing about your student’s pivotal experiences on Broadreach and hope you’ll keep in touch in the weeks and months ahead to share the stories of those differences with us.

We’ve all weathered a tough couple of years of the pandemic, and young people are among those most impacted. Thank you for trusting us to provide your student with much-needed opportunities for real-world adventure, connection, and in-person exploration. We hope to have your family join us again next summer. Stay tuned for exciting news in the coming weeks about our summer 2023 trips - there’s no better time to start planning for your teen’s next great adventure!


Motts Mueller
Owner + Director