Caribbean: Marine Biology Voyage

Meet the Instructors!

Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Meet the instructors leading this amazing Broadreach program this summer! With their breadth of expertise and love of adventure, they are thrilled to embark on this journey full of unforgettable experiences and life-long memories.

Laura Hampton
When she’s not at Broadreach, you can find Laura doing watersports or adventuring far and wide. Apart from sailing, she loves surfing, cold water swimming, hiking, and playing Hockey! Laura grew up on a farm in Northern Ireland but now lives in Scotland, where she is studying international relations at the University of St. Andrews. She loves adventure and has been on some big ones, including sailing the West Coast of Canada, racing in the Baltic Sea and sailing across the Atlantic! She is passionate about education, specifically for young people in the outdoors, and has spent over 17 weeks on various sail training vessels across the UK, Ireland, France and Canada. Laura believes that being challenged in the outdoors helps teens develop confidence and resilience, apart from being tons of fun. She is super excited to share her knowledge of sailing and the outdoors with her students this summer!

Dan Kliment
Daniel is thrilled to share his passion for diving with his students this summer! Daniel grew up in Cicero, New York, but has traveled to Jamaica, St. Lucia, Mexico and Roatan, Honduras, where he did his PADI dive master/instructor training. He taught diving in Roatan before moving to Saba, where he has been working for the past year - so he has the scoop on the best diving there! Apart from teaching teens to dive, Daniel has also coached soccer and taught swim lessons and taught teens to dive. In his free time, Daniel likes to go lionfish hunting, hike, do water sports, and play golf. He can’t wait to meet you this summer in the Caribbean!

Rachel Steinberg
As a high schooler, Rachel was a student on our Caribbean Marine Biology Voyage. It was on that trip that she discovered her love of diving and the ocean - and decided she wanted to one day return to Broadreach as an instructor. Now, she joins us for her second summer as a Broadreach instructor, where she helps students discover their passion for diving and marine biology as she did as a teenager. Rachel has her bachelor’s in marine affairs from the University of Miami and recently earned her master’s in environmental and ocean sciences from the University of San Diego. When not spending the summers with Broadreach, she studies whale sharks. She recently helped establish a project in Baja California to track whale sharks and analyze the results. In her free time she likes to take road trips and explore new places - in fact, she’s visited 6 continents!