Caribbean: Marine Biology Voyage

First day!

Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Today we woke up in Anse Marcel Bay for a sunrise swim into the beach, upon arrival we bounced straight into a plethora of games, including giants, elves and wizards, along with pterodactyl. Following our games we swam back to our boat for breakfast. After breakfast we had our first sailing lesson with Skipper Laura on points of sail and parts of a boat, following that we got the boat ready to go, left Anse marcel and went sailing in the bay. We did some maneuvers and made it into Grand Case and did some swimming, snorkelling, and some of the group learnt how to backflip! We had a lovely chickpea salad and sandwiches lunch made by the students. Following lunch our Marine Biology teacher Rachel did the first lesson on the leeward islands with great presentations from all the students. After some journalling and a break Dive instructor Dan introduced us to our diving gear to prepare us for our first dives tomorrow morning. We all had some boat showers and got ready for Hawaiian stir fry dinner night. Dinner was stellar and we had our first sing song of 'The Rattlin Bog', which we will hopefully master by the end of the trip. All in all a phenomenal first day, the group are throwing themselves into every task and we are so excited to do some more marine biology, diving, sailing and have more fun with the group!
Backflip Attempts: 5
Backflip Successes: 3
Rattlin' bog verses learnt: 1

Having the best time and looking forward to more adventure tomorrow!

Peace and love,

Rachel, Dan and Laura