Caribbean: Marine Biology Voyage

The Adventure Begins!

Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Ready for an incredible adventure? We’re about to begin an amazing journey and want to bring you along for the ride. While we’re away, we’ll be posting updates and photos as often as possible, and can’t wait to share all our fun-filled adventures with you.

Sometimes we’ll be too busy exploring new places and learning new things, not to mention that internet connectivity can be very challenging in some locations, so we may not be able to post updates every day. That may mean we might have to save updates and post several at once (so you may get multiple email notifications some days). But we’ll do our best to post as often as possible, and it will be worth the wait!

Apart from our daily written post, we’ll be sharing some photos of our adventures. We’ll choose a few of our favorites from the day, but you can see additional photos in our shared Google Photos Album: We’ll be syncing with the album about once a day, or as often as internet connectivity allows.

Parents/guardians will automatically receive an email notification each time a new update is posted. Other friends and family members can receive notifications as well! You can add them in the top Information section of your portal by going to the ‘Trip Updates’ section and clicking the plus sign. If you’re having any issues adding someone, just email and they can help!

In addition to receiving trip updates via email, you can also follow along on our adventures by following Broadreach on Instagram (@gobroadreach) and Facebook (! We’ll be posting tons of photos and videos there as well, and you might just spot us having the time of our lives!

Okay, we’re off to experience the world; you’ll hear from us soon!