Caribbean: Marine Biology Voyage

Diving Day!

Thursday, June 16, 2022

We had a very fun filled day today. To start the day of we woke up around 6 AM to fun music playing. Around 7 AM the first group of uncertified divers went to do their confinded water dives. During the confined water dives we practiced skills to use during real open water dives. While the first group was out diving the rest of the group was working on their dive books, swimming, and watersports. At around 10 the groups switched. On the boat there was a lot of swimming, backflips and reading. The whole group came back to the boat for lunch. After lunch there was more diving practice and all of the certified divers went out on a short open water dive near by. Most of the divers today finished the confinded water practice today and the others will continue tommorow. We all reunited for dinner and did our broadreach triditions like, glums and glows. As a group we got a lot done today and everyone is ready for more fun tommorow. Today was full of diving related things but overall very fun and everyone is having a great time.

Attempted backflips: 19
Successul backflips: 15
Verses of Ratlan bog: Chorus

- Simone