Caribbean: Marine Biology Voyage

Setting Sail to Ile Fourche

Friday, June 17, 2022

Location: Ile Fourche
Something we learned today: how to steer the sailboat
Today in one word: Flippy

We started off the day with a dive and water sports. People who didn’t finish up their dives yesterday had finished up in the morning and the rest of us filled out our scuba diving books and wakeboarded. It was extremely hard to stand up on the wakeboard but after 20 minutes we made some progress. After the fun activities we cleaned up and got ready for our trip to Ile Fourche. It took us three hours to arrive to the island of Ile Fourche and everyone got a chance to steer the sailboat with Laura our experienced skipper.

In Ile Fourche we learned how to take water’s salinity, temperature and pH value. We also got to see dolphins while sailing. We finished up with countless backflips, giggles at dinner, and now some people are going for a night dive.

Attemped backflips: 47
Successful backflips: 40
Verses of Ratlan bog: 2