Caribbean: Marine Biology Voyage

The Limb on the Tree

Saturday, June 18, 2022

Today the almost certified divers went for our first open water dive, seeing stingrays, mantis shrimp, barracuda, and many more ocean creatures. We had a marine biology lesson with Rachel discussing the food chain and classifying organisms after Group 1's morning dive. We spent our free time before lunch snorkeling, visiting the nearby beach here in Ile Forche, and sending epic flips off the hull. It was great time and we got many laughs in, sharing around funny stroies. Later, our skipper Laura taught us lots of new knots we'll use in our Intro to Yachting certification. During lunch we saw many turtles as the already scuba-certified members went for a dive with Rachel and Laura, seeing a baby nurse shark! Group 2 then went for their first open water dive with Dan the Man. We then got through quizzes 1, 2, and 3 of our diver certification book. We swam more, flipped more, and enjoyed todays bright sun before settling down for tonights dinner, ending with our theme song “The Ratlan Bog”. Our boat bonded lots over todays activites and are looking forward to tomorrows morning hike.

Todo tranquilo,
Attempted backflips: 3
Successul backflips: 0
Verses of Ratlan bog: 9