Caribbean: Marine Biology Voyage

Day 6 “The Hike”

Sunday, June 19, 2022

To start today off, we all woke up at 4:00 am to prepare for a sunrise hike. Everyone was tired at first, but as we continued our journey up the mountain everyone became more enthusiastic and energize. After about 15 minutes, everyone made it to the top of the mountain, even the people that were a little nervous about going to the highest point. We then had to wait for the other group to reach top because they weren't as fast as our group. We were eventually able to watch the sunrise, which was beautiful, and get some group pictures.
After our amazing hike, we got back to our boat at around 6:30 am. We able to relax for a bit because we were starting our sail to ST. Barths. The sail took about an hour, which gave us time to catch up on the sleep that we missed and to work on our journal entries for the marine biology lesson. We practiced securing the boat to the mooring line and prepared for our adventures in ST. Barths. We also did a marine biology lesson on coral after the sail.
Once we completed our marine biology lesson, the first group of new divers got prepared to start their second open water dive. Once they got into the water, the first group of divers practiced some skills and explored the water underneath the boat. While this was happening, some of the advanced divers put on snorkel gear to watch the divers and dive down to say hi to them. The first group of divers got out after about 30 minutes and then the second group of new divers started their second open water dive. When the second group of divers finished their dive, everyone got settled down for supper and also started to bake a cake to end a fantastic day on diving and hiking.
Attempted backflips: 4
Successul backflips: 4
Verses of Ratlan bog: 11