Caribbean: Marine Biology Voyage

Beach Day

Monday, June 20, 2022

We woke up around 6 AM this morning, as the boat was leaving to go refill our SCUBA tanks. As we returned we began a marine biology lesson on fish. This included learning about classes of fish, characteristics, and more. We then did some backflips and dives off the front of the boat before going off to do some scuba diving. I can't speak for the other group, but personally I thought that diving deeper in order to see a real reef was super cool and definitely a memorable experience. After we finished diving we made ourselves some ramen and walked to the beach. Many members of our group (including myself) underestimated the distance and terrain, and the fact there would be a HUGE pile of sargasm (smelly brown algae that you see washing up on seashores sometimes) that quite literaly was so extensive it completely covered the surface of the water, and we could see waves rippling under the algae. Once we actually reached the beach, we played some games, got in the water, and eventually came back. We did a lot of backflips, and then ate dinner.

Attempted backflip: 7
Successul back: 9
Verses of Ratlan bog: ALL OF THEM