Caribbean: Marine Biology Voyage

Adventures around St. Barts

Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Today we tackled many different adventures. Starting with one group setting out and doing there 3rd dive for there dive certifications. There were many different corals and fish as we reached the exciting 60ft down into the reefs below. Once the groups gathered back on the boat everyone gathered together for our marine biology midterm review where everyone got to spend some time studying all of the terms for the midterm. After getting the boat ready we set sail to hit the wonderful Gustavia! After the amazing anchoring job by a few volunteers to help out we achored right in front of Gustavia and everyone hit the town. With the hour we spent in town everyone got some yummy food, ventured around the grocery store, and walked around the bustling town. Once everyone gathered all of their goods and we restocked the boat with some fresh food we did a quick sail over to our cliff jumping area. Everyone did the climb up to the top of the cliff with some people immeditely taking their jumps off with others taking some time to contemplate their jumps off of the cliff. After everyone helped encourage each other to jump everyone successfully completed their jumps off the rock. After spending some time there we headed back to Columbier where the next dive group hit the ocean floor and tackled our fourth dive for our dive certifications where we saw some more coral and very cool and interesting fish. Finally everyone grouped up back again at the boat with some wonderful chilie cooked by our chefs along with some great discussions with the group throughout dinner. Hyped for tomorrow!

Attempted backflips:1
Successul backflips: 1/2
Verses of Ratlan bog: all the verses now with a dancer!