Caribbean: Marine Biology Voyage

Suns up Sails up

Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Today was a busy day! The diving team Group Groupers woke up early in the morning and went scuba diving from off of the boat. When they got back, we all had french toast for breakfast! After breakfast, our skipper taught us about how to prepare and open the sails. We also got to learn how to read a map and figure out what weather and winds we may face while sailing in the optional advanced sailing lesson. After our sailing lessons, we headed off to Statia. During our six hour sail to Statia, everyone sat down together and studied for our midterm later this evening. We quized eachother with flashcards and went over things we didn't understand with eachother. Besides studying, each one of us also got to take turns steering the boat! The sail took a little longer than we expected and so by the time we arrived in Statia it was almost dinner time. We decided to still take the exam because we had studied so much; so the leaders cooked dinner while we took the exam. The exam took a while, but overall I think everyone did their best and was content with their work. During dinner, we played two truths and a lie! It was super fun and was a good way to get to know eachother better. There were a couple of times where everyone was stumped. We went through our glums and glows of the day and then cleaned up. Everyone set up their sleeping area and got ready for bed right away. None of us stayed up and talked because we were all so tired! Overall, it was a fun and crazy day.
Attempted backflips: none
Successul backflips: none
Verses of Ratlan bog: night off