Caribbean: Marine Biology Voyage

Dinner night out

Thursday, June 23, 2022

Today every one except for the already certified divers got to take their knowledge review number four and there certification test. After the certification test the group meet up with a dive guide to help the group with the dive site. The group was split in to three groups. The first group was the advanced divers and they went with the dive master. The second and third group went with either Dan or Rachel. For the most part the dive groups stuck together. The divers saw a lot of stingrays and puffer fish. One thing we saw on the dive was nests of sergeant majors on the side of the wreak. After the dive we drove the boat back to the original anchoring position. After the dive the group also got ready for a special dinner ashore. During dinner we had burgers and chicken alfredo as well a lot of the group got smoothies. After we got back to the boat the group started singing the ratlan bog to the other boat and then started singing other songs to the other boat. When the group was sing someone's phone fell overboard and in to the water. Dan successfully got the phone and is sitting in rice right next to me. After the phone fell in the water we ate a coral reef cake on the bow and we all dug in. After the cake we all went to bed.

Attempted backflips: 4
Successul backflips: 3
Verses of Ratlan bog: Mastered and tested on the other boat