Caribbean: Marine Biology Voyage

The Great Lava Climb

Friday, June 24, 2022

The day commenced at 4:40 for the cooks and I, and the rest were woken up by Dan and I singing the ratlan bog at 5:00. We all wolfed down some quick scrambled eggs and were off to complete the Quil hike. We boated over and docked the dingies. The first few minutes of the hike were walking through town and we all quickly noticed the abundance of chickens and goats. After about twenty minutes we arrived to the official start of the hike already breaking out in sweat. Trudging through the narrow path, we could all tell this hike was legit. Hermit crabs appeared rolling along the path with the group. After a tough hour we arrived at the top of the volcano. Dan had the amazing idea of exploring the inside of the volcano and we were off. Surprisingly, the way down into the middle was significantly more difficult to complete. With a couple of faceplants and laughs, we made our way to a stray swing to take some photos and have some fun. We left the center of the volcano and descended down the volcano. At the end of our path, we went to a local supermarket to buy some snacks and drinks. The infamous soda “Ting” and fruit smoothies were a hit throughout the entire group. Our time on the volcano ended and we arrived back on the boat drenched. In our marine bio lesson we learned about different symbiotic relationships between marine creatures and we played a mind reflex game to test our knowledge of what we learned. At the end of the day a few of us went on a night dive. The experience was magical and frigtening at the same time. We hopped in the water and quickly saw many different kind of lobsters, crabs, and fish. On our boat ride back a flying fish jumped into our dingy and stirred up some light hearted commotion. To say the least, day eleven on this amazing trip was busy, adventurous, and very fulfilling.
Attempted backflips: 10
Successul backflips: 10
Verses of Ratlan bog: all