Caribbean: Marine Biology Voyage

The Nurse Shark Chase

Saturday, June 25, 2022

Today we all woke up at 6:30 for big pancake breakfast and finished our knowledge reviews to get our advanced diving, woohoo! Everyone dove together today and we completed our navigation dive, double woohoo! At 9:00 we had a very interactive marine bio lesson on marine birds, reptiles, and mammals where we learned their characteristics and threats. After that, another group of divers went out while the others layed on the roof while playing music and tanning, wich I thoroughly enjoyed. The dives today were focused on how to use a compass underwater and we practiced this by swimming in a square following our compass. We had free time after and some people used it to get ahead on their journal entries on coral reefs. Others went swimming and attempted backflips off the boat. Friendship bracelets were made outisde while we watched the beautifull sunset. Dan noticed a nurse shark near the boat and we all ran to the dingy to see the fish. We put our snorkeling gear and tried to find it but unfortunately it got away. We relaxed and enjoyed a delicious dinner. Another group of divers went out for an exciting night dive and to end the day, we made chocolate cake for everyone to eat after the night divers came back.
Attempted backflips: 2
Successul backflips: 2
Verses of Ratlan bog: Mastered and added three dansers