Caribbean: Marine Biology Voyage

Taking the town

Monday, June 27, 2022

Today was fandabydosey! We hit the town early and began our adventure in pursuit of whole crew hawaiian shirts, You best believe our pursuit was indeed successful and hopefully you will see some dashing pictures of our new fits, and soon you will have the joy of seeing them in person! Town time involved many more succesful pursuits, including aloe vera massages, braiding, a trampolinre, sampling some local cuisine and even getting to purchase some gifts, get excited...We made it back from town and headed out for some sunset scuba diving in Grand Case Bay which was stellar. Meanwhile, the rest of the group had a rooftop danceparty and prepared some dinner and performed exactly 132 backflips. The purchase of a new boat speaker while in town facilitated a night of group karaoke and of course a performance of the rattlin bog was put on for all of the (lucky) onlookers in the bay to enjoy.
Today was a brilliant day, it was exciting to be on land and exploring a new place with a great group of friends. Looking forwward to the final three days of program!
Attempted backflips: 132
Successul backflips: 132
Verses of Ratlan bog: Completed it