Caribbean: Marine Biology Voyage

The Final Days to Our Journey

Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Today we woke up bright and early to sail the boat to Happy Bay where we will start to wrap up the last bits of our adventures. We started off by sing songs to the neighboring boats as we entered Happy Bay. Most of us kept singing as team toadfish got ready for their first dive of the day. While team toadfish was under the water, everyone else was having a great time studying for the upcoming final or singing. Team toadfish eventually got out of the water, and by this time everyone was ready to relax for a bit. After everyone rested for a bit, we all swam to the exotic beach at Happy Bay where we picked up some trash and then had a great time in the water. After some fun time at the beach, we swam back to the boat where we had some amazing grilled cheeses and planed our big group dive. Before our full grou[p dive, we all aced our sailing quizzes. Our full group dive took place underneath the boat. The main goal of the dive was to identify a fish, which only took a couple of minutes, so we had time to attempt to play ninja and duck duck goose. Despite the water instantly getting mercky, duck duck goose was really fun. After a bit of time, we all got out of the water and started doing backflips and other jumps off the boat. We were able to get some group pictures of us all jumping of the boat, which really was one of the best moments of the trip. Everyone was really tired after all the backflips so we all got on the roof to sun tan and listen to music. After a good amount of time past, supper was ready which everyone was excited for because it was pasta. After supper, we all shared our favorite moments of the trip and then sang the ratlan bog on top of the roof. After cleaning up after supper, we all got prepared for anopther karaoke night.
Attempted backflips: 30