12 Day Scuba + Sailing Exploration

Meet your Instructors!

Tuesday, July 19, 2022

Meet the instructors who will be leading this amazing Broadreach program this summer! With their breadth of expertise and love of adventure, they are thrilled to embark on this journey full of unforgettable experiences and life-long memories.

Laura Hampton
When she’s not at Broadreach, you can find Laura doing watersports or adventuring far and wide. Apart from sailing, she loves surfing, cold water swimming, hiking, and playing Hockey! Laura grew up on a farm in Northern Ireland but now lives in Scotland, where she is studying international relations at the University of St. Andrews. She loves adventure and has been on some big ones, including sailing the West Coast of Canada, racing in the Baltic Sea and sailing across the Atlantic! She is passionate about education, specifically for young people in the outdoors, and has spent over 17 weeks on various sail training vessels across the UK, Ireland, France and Canada. Laura believes that being challenged in the outdoors helps teens develop confidence and resilience, apart from being tons of fun. She is super excited to share her knowledge of sailing and the outdoors with her students this summer!

Iris Sampedro Gonzalez
Iris comes from a region called Asturias in Northern Spain and is excited to join us as a dive instructor in the Caribbean! Iris loves traveling, and has been to France, Italy, Belgium, Great Britain, Finland, Mexico, Thailand, Myanmar, and the Maldives. She also loves outdoor activities and has worked at outdoor camps with children, youth, and adults, leading outdoor activities and managing camps. Apart from being an Open Water Instructor, she is also a lifeguard, and speaks Spanish and English fluently (plus a little bit of French and Italian). In her free time, Iris enjoys reading, watching movies and tv shows (especially fantasy). Her passion is the water, so at any given moment, you’ll probably find her in the sea or a pool. Iris loves to do crafts and hand-make all types of things. She can’t wait to meet you soon down in the Caribbean!

Olivia (Liv) Jones
Liv was born and raised in Charlotte, North Carolina - just a couple hours from Broadreach HQ! A diving internship in Key Largo, Florida, took her from an advanced diver to a professional instructor and taught her the ins and outs of the diving industry. Since then, she has been teaching diving and conservation back in Charlotte. Growing up, Liv was Girl Scout for 12 years and enjoyed taking trips outdoors with little to no phone use. Apart from diving, Liv loves to hike, backpack, camp, kayak, cook, and knit. She is looking forward to training young divers in the Caribbean this summer!