12 Day Scuba + Sailing Exploration

Smooth Sailing

Saturday, July 23, 2022

Location: Ile Fourche
Something we learned today: how tto dive 25 feet
Today in one word: relaxing

Today we woke up early to do our first open water dive (around 25 feet deep). The visibility wasn't the best but we were able to swim around one huge rock structure and look at the acquatic life. Afterwards we took another open water quiz to prepare for our test. We also took our first sailing lesson before setting sail to Ile Fourche. The trip took 3.5 hours but went fast with the music blasting through the speakers. Once we arrived everyone started jumping in the water and rating others attempts at backflips. When dinner started to get prepared, some of us decided to go snorkling to the reef a little away from the boat. We saw the cutest baby turtle, a blue footed booby, different kinds of fish, and alot of jellyfish. After that we tried back flipping and choreographed swim dances on the dinghy. We had dinner and then went through our glums and glows. The day was really relaxing and just overall fun being able to hang out with everyone. The sunset is also really pretty and the clouds are turning pink.

Attempted backflips: 36
Verses of the Rattlin bog: 4
Blackflips: 36

- Olivia